v1.0 "The Release"

  • Added Freddy Fazbear, Bonnie the Bunny, Chica the Chicken, Foxy the Pirate Fox and Golden Freddy
  • Added Golden Freddy's Hat
  • Added Foxy's Hook
  • The Empty Sockets can still see

v1.1 "The First Update"

  • Changed Textures
  • Added Cupcake
  • Added Freddy's Microphone
  • Hidden but Still Alive

v1.2 "Goodbye Gold Update"

  • Removed Golden Freddy
  • Removed Golden Freddy's Hat
  • Check the Doors

v1.3 "New and Shiny" Update

  • Changed Textures again
  • Added Toy Bonnie
  • Added Toy Chica
  • He awaits his orders

v1.4 "IT'S ME Update"

  • Recoded the Mod
  • Added Toy Freddy
  • Added Toy Chica
  • Added Present
  • Added the Puppet
  • Made Freddy's Microphone less useless
  • He Watches over your soul

v1.4.1 "The Bugfix Update"

  • Fixed Chica's Spawn Rate
  • Fixed Chica being Friendly
  • Hiding in the Shadows

v1.5 "The Redesigned Update"

  • Reworked mod
  • Removed Balloon
  • Changed Models of the Following
    • The Puppet
    • Balloon Boy


  • He has Returned [Added Golden Freddy]

v2.0 "The Grand Reopening Update"

  • He Hides all Information

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